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Anthology Update

Update, June 8th 2015: Updates will be posted regularly on which is also where you can meet the authors. Thank you, all!

Our short story anthology in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett has reached its first milestone, as the submission window officially closed last night.

Your response has been nothing short of phenomenal. We received an overwhelming number of submissions, and then thrice as many within the last couple of days. If the ongoing yay/nay process caused us pain and loss of sleep until now, then I can only imagine the final selection will verge on excruciating. I for one am already considering withdrawing my own submission, for fear it might not match the level of quality that the final product is shaping to have.

In keeping with our schedule, we endeavor to get in touch with everyone by June 7th. By that time, the finalists will be asked to send us their finalised stories, with a deadline of June 30th. Regardless of the outcome, our commitment is to provide feedback for every single submission.

In the end, I’d like to offer a big THANK YOU to my tireless, obsessively detail oriented partner in crime – Laura, for her help thus far. Since this project stared, Laura has lived in three different countries, has picked up drinking coffee after a ten month break, and has incessantly worked towards adding three very fancy letters to her name.

Thank you!

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