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Interview: Shen Hart

Shen Hart

Shen Hart

I met Shen through our common relation Garrett Robinson. You see, though I wasn’t too keen on creating and furthermore maintaining an online persona, it’s times like these – when I realize just how many interesting people I met because of it, that I must give a nod to my Publisher for coercing me into it.

I met Shen as a book reviewer, and an honest one at that. In time, I have discovered her to be a warm person, with an impressive background. That was already pretty awesome in my books. And then, a few weeks ago, I learned that Shen was also an author. How cool is that!

Her debut novel, “Wyrd Calling” is now available on Amazon, and if you want to know more about the mind behind the book, then keep reading.


Wyrd Calling

Wyrd Calling

Sorin: Let’s say I have a little hobby of collecting personal histories about words. Tell me how you first came upon the word “wyrd” and how did the two of you become friends.

Shen: I came across the word wyrd quite a few years ago when I was studying the runes and looking more deeply into Norse mythology. It’s a word and a concept that I feel tied to, the idea of the universe as some tapestry, some interlinking web, and something in constant flux and shifting evolution.


Sorin: How is writing a strong female character different to writing a strong male character? Would you care sharing some tips?

Shen: Hm that isn’t really a conscious thought for me. I think when writing the female characters I’m more aware of the potential threats of violence and the size difference. No matter how strong and well-trained a woman is, she’s still smaller and generally speaking weaker. That means she’s going to be that little more aware of a situation building and how to deal with it.


Sorin: Do your characters ever get out of hand? Does it ever feel like their emerging personalities simply won’t fit in the plot? And if so, would you rather sacrifice the plot or the character trait?

Shen: Yes, they absolutely do lol. They pop up reasonably well formed but sometimes something will emerge that throws a nice big spanner in the works. Characters come first for me, the plot is their story so if their new trait changes the plot, then I’ll follow along and see what new plot forms instead.


Sorin: How does living in Prague affect your writing? Would “Wyrd Calling” be any different if you were writing it somewhere completely different – your home town, for instance?

Shen: Prague inspires me and makes me feel at peace, contented and finally at home. Yes, I think it’d be completely different if I had have written it back in England. I felt caged there, much more uptight, and my head went to darker places. I think the book would be more dense, darker, less of the more positive emotions and more aggression.


Sorin: If “Wyrd Calling” were made into a movie, who would you handpick to star in it?

Shen: I’ve thought about this quite a lot and well, I’ve failed! The only one I’ve managed to pin down is Jackson Rathbone for Dan. I think Jensen Ackles could potentially be a good Ryan, and Tom Hiddleston would be great as Lee, but they’re not 100% right. I have no clue who would play Thalia!


Sorin: As a genre, fantasy has led a rather private life before Hollywood brought it kicking and screaming into the mainstream. What do you think is the next unsung genre to capture our attention?

Shen: Hmmm that’s a hard one. Hollywood is becoming saturated with big heroes, lots of special effects, but there are hints of much more personal and emotional journeys. I think we’ll see a return to literature, things like Cloud Atlas which make us think and give us a fresh perspective and reminder of our place in the big scheme of things. This is a time where a lot’s changing and we’re seeing touches of that with The Fault of Our Stars, I haven’t seen it but my understanding is that it helps people confront the bigger questions and reality of life. We needed to escape from the economic crash, from the terrorism, but now we need to face what’s happening around us again.


That’s it for now. Make sure to check Wyrd Calling on Amazon. I’m leaving you with a quote:

“I cursed the Sisters again. I couldn’t help wondering if perhaps there was some grand prize or something for that. Maybe I’d be given another irritating little mark like the choker once I hit 1,000 curses. Or maybe, just maybe, they’d give in and let me be. I cursed them again, just in case it was the latter.”

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