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My First Video Review

Hey there, Scriptlings!

Remember Garrett Robinson – crazy artist, talented movie maker, super-duper author, and fellow Pratchett junkie? (click here and here for details)

Well, to prove just how awesome this dude is, here is the latest in his Five Minute Books YouTube series:

I couldn’t be prouder if Douglas Adams himself were to shove a wet fish down my ear 🙂

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On Censorship

Few weeks ago, I was watching a documentary about Queen, and I was surprised to learn that one of their most iconic songs is virtually unknown in North America. I’m talking about I Want To Break Free, and apparently the reason for this injustice is censorship. It seems that, back in the 80s, four men ironically dressed in drag were a big no no.

Well, as I was watching the documentary I remember dismissing this as some kind of romanticized story, meant to spice things up a little bit.

Recently, a friend of mine came to visit from Toronto. This guy is a Rock encyclopedia on two legs, so I decided to ask him (totally as a joke) if he knew about this song. Turns out he didn’t.

So now I’m trying to fix that. Without further ado, I give you Queen – I Want To Break Free.

North America, you’re welcome!

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In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

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